Mom Cafe – Chapter 01

Hey all,

I hope you’re all enjoying your breaks. Here’s some good news for you all in 2017 (it’s already new year here in Japan). With your help, I am now able to start a new series (albeit only at the one chapter per month mark), so I’m getting to it now. I don’t like to wait, and I don’t like to make others wait.

Coincidentally, new year’s doesn’t give a damn if I’m de-motivated or whatever, neither do you (I assume).

So here it is guys, enjoy!

PS Happy New Year and I’ll see you again soon for another chapter.


Aharoo – Chapter 44

If anyone is interested in helping out with Redrawing/Cleaning/Typesetting ‘The Cursed Kiss’, please leave a comment below or hit me up with an email. The pages have been fixed and I’ve got translations up to chapter 21 which I got translated before my car accident.

And I hope Beriotte gets a tree log jammed up his ass for violating the National Sister-in-law.

If anyone reads manhua, I highly recommend checking out Caek’s stuff. The translations are pretty good (no literal translations) and the editing is awesome. Best of all, releases are frequent too.