Am I Picking Up Blah Blah Blah?

This morning I got a lot of people asking me if I am going to do Brawling Go, Sweet Guy, Ghost Love… whatever else because another group is dropping them, and I’m probably going to get asked again so this post is to answer it.

The short answer is “NO”.

1) I don’t have a translator. I hire a translator. So I work with a budget, and right now, I’m using all of it for the current series I’m doing. I don’t have the financial means to do it. It costs me $10 for a chapter, imagine how much I would need to cover for all those series monthly.

2) I am one man, with two hands and 24 hours like you. I have school and part-time work to handle. I am doing all the editing work for every series on my own at the moment. I can only manage a certain workload on my own, not that I could start doing more series, because the limited budget issue.

3) All the series I’m working on are voted on by my generous patrons, and it’s only fair, because they’re the ones helping me cover the cost of getting the translations.