Aharoo – Chapter 43

To save everyone the trouble. Here’s a quick how-to for finding chapters.

  1. If you look towards the right-hand side there is a grey bar, with black font with the label “Search”
  2. Underneath said bar is an interactive box which you can input text.
  3. Inside that box, type out the title of the series which you’re after, then add ” – chapter (number)”. Please note, the titles are only available in English.
  4. Follow up by hitting enter, which should be located towards the furthest bottom right corner of your keyboard, or towards the right-hand side of the punctuation keys and above the ‘Shift’ on the keyboard. If you have never used it before, you may or may not find that it has an arrow on that key.

Bastard’s Dead Man – Chapter 18

IMPORTANT: This is the last chapter for season 1 of Bastard’s Dead Man. No official announcements about a season 2 have been made, but I would assume it’ll have a 2nd season despite it not being the most popular series around based on Lezhin’s ranking.

Now I’d like to propose to you all that I now get started on Perfect Half again. As such, if you guys are okay with continuing your donations as they are, I’ll simply transfer them over to Perfect Half and erase it from Bastard’s Dead Man on patreon until further announcements for BDM are made.

I’ll immediately get started on Perfect Half, so you guys will continue to have reading and uhh… you know material. And if no changes are made, I’ll assume you’re fine with supporting Perfect Half.

Anyway, GYUO has given us an amazing chapter to wrap up the first season of BDM, so enjoy.

NOTE: If the pages look broken on your tablet, it may be due to the fact that Imgur and tablets aren’t friendly with each other. Thank you amau05 for pointing this out.