Aharoo – Chapter 42

Thank you to those who have offered to help out in sustaining the releases for Bastard’s Dead Man, I appreciate it. Some of you asked what it costs to get a chapter. I am happy to continue taking on the costs of raws. To get a chapter translated, it costs me $10 as you can see in the screenshot below.  It would be preferable to go through patreon so I can keep things in one place and keep track of things. And it will also allow you to have control over your donation, that way you can rest assured that I am not pulling any wires behind the scenes.

Also, please bear with me as I try to stay on top of releases since I am now a one-man team other than the translator that I hire so it takes me a while on top of dealing with real life matters. And since I’m not an expert with redraws, I’ll skip ones that are beyond me, and if they don’t look perfect, then you know why.

PS. Thank you Rama for jumping in to help me without any hesitation, I promise guarantee to you to keep delivering Bastard’s Dead Man as best as I can.


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