Bastard’s Dead Man – Chapter 17


Hey all,  this will be the last Bastard’s Dead Man chapter for a while since it’s not  sponsored, two donators have pulled the plug and my current situation (if you don’t know what I’m talking about: means that I don’t have the means to continue getting it translated so frequently. I may release 1 chapter per month from now or whenever I have the means to.

Aharoo will continue to be updated weekly so don’t worry about that.

Anyway, enjoy reading, it’s a great chapter.


13 thoughts on “Bastard’s Dead Man – Chapter 17

      • Hey luilock, there are 3 chapters released per month for Lezhin series (BDM being one), with 1 chapter every 10 days (which we are up to date with). It costs me $10 to get a chapter translated as you can see from the receipt below,

        Any support you provide is appreciated, and thank you for asking.

        I’m not unreasonable enough to ask you to stomach raws, so I will continue to cover the cost of raws as per usual.


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