Important notice

Hey everyone! I was trying to think of a good way to say this, but sadly nothing comes to mind… So I’ll just go ahead and say it.

I ran out of money for translations… The 100 bucks we get a month from patreon was a big help, but they are gone now! The truth is, ever since day 1, I have been putting money from my pocket to cover expenses, mainly to pay our translator who charges us 10 bucks per chapter, the coins to get raws…etc, the patreon helped reduced greatly the amount of money I had to put, so right now we are basically going half-half, since the cost per month to keep releasing all the chapters of our current series is around 200 bucks a month. We planned to do He has a fiancee, one room hero, mom cafe, peek and other series, and hoped for donations to eventually come to help us afford them, while I kept sponsoring them for the time being, but shit happened, I crashed my car, and had to fork out money for some health related stuff, and those 2 things drained my savings away. So the money I have left at this point is only enough for food and living basically. At this point I’m not even looking forward to getting the money back, but in keeping the site afloat and give poeple what they want, but given the current situation, that’s really hard to accomplish. We got enough to translate 3 more chapters next week, and then would need to wait until december 1st to get the patreon money for another 10 chapters.  And well… That’s our current situation! We would truly appreciate it if people could help us out with whatever they can! If enough people decides to help us with even a dollar, we would easily get off this deep swamp we are currently at! And if any of you know korean and would like to help us out translating, that would be of great help too!!

With that said, I really thank you all for taking the time to read it, and especially for your unconditional support this whole time… even after all the falls we have had!

Just wanted to give you all an insight of what’s truly going on right now and hopefully with everyone’s help we can make it through! Let’s hope for the best!

See y’all later people!


8 thoughts on “Important notice

  1. Thanks for all of your hardwork really, I’ve enjoy most of the series you have done mainly Bastard Dead Man and Fatal Woman, tho sometimes I’m quite pissed due to the problem with the site, it’s something that can’t be helped and you did well for actually fixed it.

    As for the donation, I will donate after I got some spare money from christmas, around 30$ or if I got lucky I might donate for 50$, so I wish you all good luck and still manage to keep the scanlation going for the time being all the while managing your daily life.

    Why not promote yourself by updating your Mangaupdate page? Or go around spreading the words to some forum? I think it could gather people attention and might help in funding this scanlation.


    • Thank you very much, friend! Whatever you can donate to help us out will be really appreciated. And yeah, I feel you man, I was pissed at the site too, haha, even now I’m still not satisfied with it, but I’m possitive that things are going to take a turn for the better soon enough! And yes you are right about that, we will start posting in reddit again and try to get our traffic back and hope they can help out to get us out of red! Thank you ver much for your support bro! We really appreciate it!


  2. It’s a pity… Would love to have BDM kept in the roster. Will try to increase my monthly contribution. It won’t be enough to take you out of the dire situation, but hopefully others make an effort to do the same.


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