Moving On…

Hey all,

As you may already be aware, I graduated from university at the end of March, so I have been very busy trying to find a job, which I found and have started today.

I originally started Troll Nation aiming to bring you quality translations of your favorite webtoons. I hired a professional translator from day 1 and have continued working with him to bring you your favorite series. What started off as a group quickly got reduced to just me and has been that way for nearly half a year now. I had always intended for the group to grow, but the opposite happened instead. I had trouble with DMCAs, getting the website up again and so on. And basically there was nobody who offered to help out at that stage so I have been continuing on my own up till now.

Going back to where I was, I have decided to move on with life as it is more important to sustain life and look after my ill mother as you know from the car accident I had last year. I cannot confidently say that I can continue to run the group the way I have. With the busy work life, I may only be able to get chapters done on weekends, so it is basically pointless.

Financially, I have not been able to grow the group. I do not know what it is like for other groups, but I forever struggled to come across fan translators and was therefore paying the professional translator I hired $10 per chapter, a sum I do not regret or hesitate to pay given the quality of his translations. I actually find it laughable to pay someone less than a happy meal and proclaim yourself as being someone generous by paying them with a small fries.

Let’s be realistic here, if you were truly good at your craft, would you slave away for a small fries?
I was willing to hire a professional translator because there were people out there who were more concerned with counting their money than reinvesting it into the group, claiming they did not have the funds too. Funnily enough, one of their now former-staff members supported the claim, but is now saying that the former group he was with were well-off financially and with traffic. Go figure. But I digress.

When I started the group, I financially supported the group on all fronts by paying the translator myself except for Lilith’s Cord and Aharoo which you guys were so supportive of. After my car accident, I really got stuck in a rut, and a lot of you came to my help, such as Takupol, which I am forever grateful for, and every other patron as well as reader of course. I read all your comments.

More recently, finances got tighter and tighter with people who actually created fraud Patreon accounts, and most people being less enthusiastic (which I do not curse them for, it is “donate for what you see value in” after all) I have NEVER enabled the “Charge upfront” function on Patreon. It has always been I do the work, then Patreon charges my patrons the following month. I did that for two reasons:

1) So that everyone had an opportunity to experience my work before deciding whether they wanted to continue supporting me or not.
2) So I would be delivering the work, before I would ask for payment.

Going back to my main point, I cannot continue scanlating on top of full-time work and caring for my ill mother all on my own. Reality is not that generous. And as much as I would have liked to continue with more Bastard’s Dead Man and Aharoo season 3, it is unfortunately not possible. Sorry, I need to live life first, and have decided to move on to prioritize it.

What now?

I will be leaving the website up so that you can read the series on the site. I will also be contacting Patreon to have the account closed in the next few days (that’s their working time, not mine).

Patreons: You will be charged one last time on the 1st May (US time and date) which is for the releases in April, and then as the account will be shut-down by Patreon on their end thereafter.

If somebody wishes to pick these series up where I left off, feel free to, there’s no need to contact me or anything, I don’t have a trophy or something to give you. Somebody will also most likely re-host these series, probably the same ones crying that sites like Kissmanga are re-hosting stuff, because that’s how logic works. Have you heard of the self-serving bias?

I’ll still be checking back to answer any questions you may have, so ask if you must.

Thank you for all your support up until now!

Sami Hyoudou
PS. I am actually quitting scanlating, there will not be a post in a few days saying I changed my mind and am staying.